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What’s the cost of a reading?”
60 minute Reading is $95 Cash.

Emily accepts cash.  However, for distant clients payment can be made by a personal check prearranged with Emily.

“Satisfaction guarantee” If, after your reading is complete you or Emily is dissatisfied with the results, there is no charge.  This has never occurred but the “Satisfaction Guarantee” is always honored.
Private readings are given in person in a comfortable private setting.  However, readings via phone and Skype are also available. 

What can I expect at my reading?”
Psychic EmilyThe reading room is prepared with sage cleansing before and after each client.

All readings begin with Emily leading a short prayer for guidance and protection to God, the Creator and Spirit of Divine Love.  The prayer includes an invitation to Angels, guides and Masters. 

Emily and Spirit have a working agreement that all information and spirit connections must be admitted via Jesus Christ (her “Gate Keeper”) and filtered through the Holy Spirit.

Each reading is unique to you and your needs.  Usually, a Psychic Reading begins the session.  Emily may use cards or other objects to amplify the connection between her and Divine Spirit. 

During a Reading, Emily presents the information she receives from her intuition and from angels, guides and “spiritual helpers”. Usually, a Reading will cover information and guidance for where you are on your path, with insightful guidance that will help you make wise choices on your journey.  Emily is sensitive to the information that she receives from loved ones in Spirit who may want to connect to bring a message with validation to you, the client.  When this type of connection is achieved it is for the purpose of healing, reassurance and guidance.

Emily may ask you a question about the information she is feeling or sharing which will require a simple “yes” or “no” response.  This is to validate the accuracy of the information being received or if she needs further clarification from Spirit. 

Can I ask questions during my reading?”

Can I tell Emily I want to connect with a certain person who has passed and is now in Spirit?”
No.   However, most likely if your intention is to get a specific connection and a message is appropriate for you at this time in your life, a connection will manifest.  Emily will not call upon those in spirit.  Her agreement with the Divine Spirit is that she is available to be of service to bring forth messages that will be meaningful and timely for the client.  All messages or spiritual connections are filtered through the Holy Spirit and Jesus is the “gatekeeper” of her connection.

It is important to understand when Emily is reading as a Psychic/Medium she receives information from Spirit in the form of feeling (Clairsentient), hearing (Clairaudient) or vision (clairvoyance).  Emily humbly acknowledges her “gifts” as “The gifts of the Spirit” also known as “The Gift of Wisdom, The Gift of Knowledge and the Gift of Understanding, Gift of Healing, Gift of Prophecy, and the Gift of Discerning of Spirits. 

Also, the information may be flowing in the form of symbols which is a language unique to Emily that Spirit uses to convey the message.  Emily will explain these as the reading proceeds and will identify if the information is by “psychic” or “mediumship” information.

Anytime during the reading, you may ask questions for clarification.
Emily is highly ethical and considers all readings to be very personal and confidential.  She is totally committed to make this a wonderful experience for you!

Psychic Emily


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